Carpet Cleaning Packages

I would like to take a moment to introduce you to our Perfect Care Programme. I have developed this programme to be the easiest, most cost-effective and hassle-free way for you to enjoy the cleanest, healthiest and fluffiest carpets all year round, year after year and at no more investment than your annual cleaning with us. This package is designed for those of you who want someone to keep your carpets looking their best all year round and be on call for specialist stain removal, as well as spreading the cost over the course of the year.

This is what you get:
One Full cleaning, with protector treatment, every twelve months (the initial cleaning and protection is discounted by 50%)

One Free Highlight Cleaning six months after each full cleaning. (N.B. This cleaning is for traffic lanes and limited spots only. No furniture will be moved. We will not be cleaning whole rooms, just those portions of rooms that are spotted or lightly soiled. With upholstery, we’ll clean the hand and head areas plus limited spots only).

In addition to this you get:
Free, emergency Spot removal visits (Free spot removal visits apply specifically to carpets and upholstery included in the programme. Spot removal to any carpets or items not included in the perfect care programme will be charged for).

Free spot remover (So you can take care of any small spots yourself)

Membership To Our Client Referral Programme (For every client you refer to us, that uses our services, I will reward you with a gift. The more new clients you refer to us, the more valuable each gift becomes).

Below are some of the other benefits:

  • Kills germs and bacteria
  • Makes traffic lanes look clean again
  • Prolongs carpet life
  • Washes out water soluble oils
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Repels dirt instead of attracting it
  • Preserves factory applied finishes
  • Extracts allergy causing pollens, spores and mildew
  • Remove dead skin which dust mites live on
  • Pulls pollutant out of your home or office
  • Helps prevent permanent staining
  • Helps you to keep your carpet cleaner for longer
  • Vacuuming made easier


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